Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if watchmaker has installed?

To determine whether watchmaker is installed, the simplest method is to run the command watchmaker --help. If it displays the cli help page, watchmaker is installed. Another option is to check pip list | grep watchmaker.

What do I do if watchmaker failed to install?

First, review the installation document. Then double-check the output of a failed installation. Usually, the output points pretty clearly at the source of the problem. Watchmaker can be re-installed over itself with no problem, so once the root cause is resolved, simply re-install watchmaker.

How do I know if watchmaker has completed without errors?

By default, watchmaker will reboot the system after a sucessful execution. Therefore, if the system reboots, watchmaker executed successfully. If you are investigating sometime after watchmaker completed, check the logs for errors. If anything fails, watchmaker will suppress the reboot. (Though note that the --no-reboot flag can be used to suppress the reboot even after a successful execution.)

You can also test the watchmaker exit code programmatically. If watchmaker fails, it will return a non-zero exit code. If watchmaker completes successfully, it will return an exit code of zero. You would typically pass the --no-reboot flag if you intend to test the exit code and determine what to do from there.

What do I do if watchmaker failed to complete or completes with errors?

Start by checking the logs generated by watchmaker. The logs are stored in the directory specified by the --log-dir argument. Search the log for entries that have [ERROR], this will give you a starting point to begin troubleshooting. Also, if a salt state failed, look for the pattern Result: False. If it is not an obvious or simple issue, feel free to create an issue on the watchmaker github page. If there is a salt_call.debug.log in the watchmaker log directory, you can look for [ERROR] messages in there as well. However, this log file can be very noisy and a message with the error label may not be related to the error you are encountering.

Does watchmaker support Enterprise Linux 7?

Watchmaker is supported on RedHat 7 and CentOS 7. However, there may be issues intermittently with the salt formulas as they are actively being developed.